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World Bank Institute

World Bank InstituteThe ideas and voices of young people can - and will - change the future. The Future Leaders' E-conference on CSR was the launching event for the "CSR for Future Leaders" program, which expresses the World Bank Institute's belief that it is necessary to encourage and highlight youth involvement in CSR activities. Through distance-learning programs, online discussions, and E-conferences, the WBI is accomplishing a dual mission of promoting global knowledge-sharing and capacity-building while ensuring that the knowledge obtained on the international scale has applications with a country-specific focus.

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Wharton Social Impact Management Symposium

Wharton Social Impact Management SymposiumThe idea of creating a comprehensive initiative to link and institutionalize efforts to promote social impact management originally surfaced amongst several Wharton students in the spring of 2001. The multi-faceted and collaborative campaign began at the undergraduate level with an effort to integrate the philosophy of corporate citizenship into the Wharton undergraduate curriculum. Soon after, the undergraduates began working with the leaders of the MBA Net Impact chapter to conceptualize a program to coalesce relevant academic and service opportunities within a central hub.

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