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Onychorhynchus coronatus Tyrannidae
Atlantic Forest

The Atlantic Forest, a natural treasure situated in south-eastern Brazil, is one of the most biologically diverse areas on the globe and is home to hundreds of endemic species. Yet, because of its proximity to two of the largest and most industrialized cities in South America, Sao Paulo and Rio (combined population of 33 million), this unique locale is under heavy threat from all sides. Only a precious four percent of the original forest remains, and even that teeters on the brink of collapse. Despite the fact the United Nations nominated the area as the Biosphere Reserve; the actions of poachers, land developers, and the damage wrought by pollution and deforestation are all continuing threats to this vanishing wilderness.

All is not lost however, a growing number of local non-governmental organizations have taken up the cause of preservation. Groups such as Friends of the Una River, are working with international organizations and the local people in efforts to increase awareness of the problem and halt the continuing destruction.
Photo : Zig Kock
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