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Sustainable Tourism
Sustainable Tourism
What is "Sustainable Tourism"?

Sustainable tourism is satisfying the needs of tourists, economics and profit for the owners, while taking into account the environment on which continued success depends. While most people think of tourism as an environmentally 'clean' industry, it actually has one of the largest impacts on the natural world. Everyone is looking for a pristine natural area in which to invest, yet they do so without thinking about the long term effects on the locale.

It far too much of a rarity among investors to incorporate sustainability into their plans. The result of this short term thinking is a local environment that has become so polluted that it is no longer profitable and the venture fails. Property values are then reduced and the local economy is faced with the prospect of collapse. The environment on which the plans depended is then left destroyed and abandoned. Unfortunately, this is an all too familiar story in the world of international tourism.

There is a limit to how much nature can take and an innumerable selection of perils threaten the environment's continued health. For example, untreated or inadequately treated, sewer systems are a principle concern in a majority of areas. In Florida Keys, an area increasingly under attack, a recent study by the University of North Carolina, has shown that human waste is causing viral infectious disease in the threatened Elkhorn coral.

SHARE is at the forefront of efforts to address these problems facing the international tourism industry. On such location on which we are working is among the stunning beaches of Thailand. Here, SHARE is working with Rayavadee, an award winning hotel situated on the stunning shores of Cape Phranang in Krabi to develop a model for sustainable tourism for Thailand. This pilot project will then be used as a model world-wide for developing beach-front properties in a profitable and environmentally sustainable manner.
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